NuSpectra has been providing high resolution streaming & monitoring PTZ solutions to several airport authorities. Custom built solutions for catering to the high end security & monitoring requirements, NuSpectra’s webcamera streaming solution is a perfect blend of technology, serviceabiltiy & security.

  • 24/7 Airport Monitoring
  • Robust & physically secure
  • Encrypted video data streaming
  • Prompt service & support SLA


NuSpectra solutions enable remote access to the construction site via securedly hosted webcameras. Access from any location, on any device, drastrically reducing your travel costs, saving you time driving from site to site. For construction companies working with real estate professionals, use it as a marketing tool & time lapse capability to market the construction details better.

  • Real-time mult-site remote viewing
  • 24/7 Progress monitoring
  • Save travel time & money
  •  Use as a marketing tool for your clients


Prospective students & parents, local as well as international, always go through a series of campus tours to decide on the school or college they would enroll in. NuSpectra’s Live Streaming PTZ solution can deliver the branding & value to the schools & colleges by enabling online campus tours & glimpses of the campus, engaging the prospective students.

  • Real-time streaming campus
  • Capture student/parent information
  • Increase student enrollments
  • Improve international student engagements


Be it the facilities of refueling, washing and repair or the panoramic view of the  marine and boat chandlers, stores and restaurants, NuSpectra’s streaming solution entices visitors to the local Marina by providing the capability to publish the live streaming online.

  • Highlight Marina facilities
  • Entice visitors & engage viewers
  • Bring more visits to Marina
  • Engage with the local community


If you are a Theme park, Bird Sanctuary, National Park, Zoo or a community Entertainment Park, NuSpectra’s PTZ Streaming solution shall enable you to engage with prospective customers & global audience in a pay per view Live Streaming camera on your website. Market, engage & communicate with NuSpectra solutions.

  • Pay Per View Streaming
  • Attract more visitors to location
  • Engage with live audience
  • Increase website visits for better SEO


Put the beautiful scenes on your webcamera to a global audience on your website or youtube using NuSpectra’s PTZ Streaming solution. Bring in more attention from tourists, gain more visitors to the site & grow the incoming traffic & reduce bounce off times.

  • Highlight amazing scenic views
  • Engage with Pay Per View for global customers
  • Bring more tourists with showcasing beauty
  • Enable automated SEO by increased website traffic


NuSpectra’s monitoring solution can provide highway authorities & security agencies with a 24/7 ultra fast monitoring & streaming solution to capture the minutest of the details with the roadside cameras.

  • 24/7 monitoring of traffic
  • High speed streaming to avoid delayed buffering
  • Access anytime anywhere with website integration
  • Make public access possible with integrated setup


National heritage buildings, Museums and Historical places are famous tourist & art attractions, attracting visitors from all around the world. With enthusiasts trying to access these sites online, Make the most of marketing budget with NuSpectra’s PTZ streaming solution, enable Pay Per View streaming webcam or put streaming videos for your future customers.

  • Engage with Pay Per View
  • Entice visitors & engage viewers
  • Attract higher webiste views & Tourists
  • Popularize the core attractions